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"Lillie" 11 by 14 Acrylic on Canvas

commissioned portrait from photos

An original painting of your beloved animal companion?  YES! 


I will work from your photos. We can design the composition of your painting to your specifications.  It can be a simple close up of the face, full body, or set in an active pose with you and others.  I'll make it the way you want it to be.  Prices start at $225 for an 11 by 14 canvas featuring 1 animal.  Please contact me for details.  Estimate $25 - $50 more for each additional face and figure, plus more for larger canvases, up to 24 by 36.


"Mom's Three Cats" 11 by 14  Acrylic on canvas

commissioned portrait from photos


Whispers in the Garden

11 by 14 acrylic on canvas

South Carolina Pelican

24 by 36 acrylic on Canvas



11 by 14  Acrylic on Canvas

commissioned portrait from photo


"Sir Ash Kitty Caddy Wampus"

10 by 20 Acrylic on Canvas

from photo

"Maria and Quiny"

11 by 14  Acrylic on Canvas, Commissioned Portrait from a photograph

Scarlet Macaw

Acrylic on Canvas, Framed

24" by 30" (including frame)


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