Cathy C. is delighted with her new painting, "Whispers in the Garden"

featuring her horses - 11 by 14 Acrylic on Canvas

Rough sketch of "Donna Jean's Peacock Earrings" - to give you an idea of the process



$225 is my starting rate.  Pricing is based on size and image complexity.  $225 gets you an 11 by 14 acrylic on canvas, painted from photo/photos that you provide to me.  I will receive a deposit from you.  Over a 1 - 3 week period, you will see several stages of the painting, starting with the first rough sketch. You will give me suggestions of how you want it to look; what changes need to be made.  You will approve the final version before you pay in full.  I will mail or hand deliver the finished painting to you.  You will approve and pay all packing and shipping fees.


Most of my work is 11 by 14 or 16 by 20. Larger sizes are available, up to about 30 by 48.  


My prices go up by size and by number of individuals depicted, as well as complexity and degree of detail.  I will negotiate with you to arrive at a price we will both be happy with.

Donna Jean's Peacock Earrings.jpeg

Bottom line. I've seen stunning art in galleries at prices that only a small percentage of people can afford.  I've also seen requests for artists to do projects for free.  As an artist who wants to do art for a living, I'm interested in the first group!  But as an individual who understands that most of us don't fall in that percentage, I want to price my work so that you can obtain it!

"Donna Jean's Peacock Earrings"

11 by 14 Acrylic on Canvas

$225 commissioned portrait